Pelog Trading B.V. is a small, but fast-growing business operating mainly in the stainless-steel industry; Prime and non-Prime. We evolved from a single person-oriented company into a team of five people. Each of us have a versatile experience behind our shoulders and a great aspiration for making our business distinctive.


Our goal is to provide our clients with materials in a fast and cost-effective way. We anticipate your future needs, because we do our best to understand your business. Our business is not ending within a single order, we want to build a solid partnership by being one of your best suppliers.

We value honesty and transparency; we believe that is what helped us growing through all the years Pelog exists.


We build an open and transparent relationship with our customers, providing them with products in a reliable and dynamic way. Our resourceful decision-making unit operates with speed and efficiency, supporting your supply chain.


In an ever-changing market, we are your constant factor in terms of quality, trust and speed. Whatever changes, our services and values will not be compromised.