We offer a wide range of Stainless Steel products, mostly Ferritic and Austenitic in various dimensions. 

Our core product groups are coils, sheets, tubes and profiles. Prime materials and some of the Second grade items are sold including Mill Test Certificate (MTC). All our Downgraded products are of good quality {they have minor imperfections} and they can be easily used in automotive industry, construction, household appliances etc.  

Most common Stainless Steel grades for coils and sheets:AISI 430/EN 4016AISI 304/EN 4301AISI 304L/EN 4307AISI 316L/EN 4404AISI 441/EN 4509AISI 430Ti/EN 4510

Bars and profiles:AISI 201/EN 4372 AISI 304/EN 4301AISI 304L/EN 4307More grades available upon request